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XAI Trading Platform

A Smart Trading Platform
Committed to The Client

Short for Digital Asset Futures Exchange, XAI Trading Platform is a service provider headquarted in Moscow, Russia. XAI Trading Platform is experienced in blockchain and AI technology and is committed to build a world-class intelligent trading platform for digital assets.

You get a diversified range of financial products and intelligent digital asset management solutions. XAI Trading Platform also offers excellent customer service giving you a peace of mind making a huge difference to your trading experience.

Why XAI Trading Platform

Global Leader of AI Trading Platforms

Discover why hundreds of thousands choose to trade with XAI Trading Platform. In a few short years, XAI Trading Platform has grown exponentially to what is now a well established international investment platform and a true industry leader.

AI and Blockchain

The integration of blockchain's data processing power with the intelligence of AI produces the best trading strategies.

Licensed and Regulated

XAI Trading Platform is strictly regulated by various international financial bodies and subscribes to world-class trading standards.

Automated Management

Fully automated market monitoring and trade execution to grow your portfolio, anytime, anywhere, even while you sleep.

Strictly Regulated

Licensing and Regulation

Trust is key in any business. XAI Trading Platform is supervised by industry regulations and commits to ethical standards of operation.

Ethical Practices

Commitment to Integrity

XAI Trading Platform's commitment to integrity does not stop with external regulation. It thrives to maintain its good reputation through maintaining superior management teams that constantly review and improve all aspects of its business whether it be business process or technological innovation. Your trust is the key priority in our business.

MSB License

MSB (Money Service Business) licenses are the financial licenses issued by the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN) which belongs to the U.S. Treasury Department which regulates digital/virtual currency transactions, foreign exchange, international remittances, international payments etc.

Standard Compliance

XAI Trading Platform is verified with IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center) certificate, which is a verification for the compliance in the field of financial services and is also a full member of the Crypto Valley Switzerland ethics organization and the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) as well as a global partner of World Blockchain and Cybersecurity Summit.

What is AIT

AI Trading System

XAI Trading Platform's homegrown intelligent asset management system is built on the power of AI and blockchain technology. A profit maximizing system that uses comprehensive strategy formulas and leverages on community data.

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Multi Layered Strategy

Analyses big data using a complexed and multifaceted model as prescribed by data scientists to formulate trade strategy.

Intelligent Investment Manager

Your personal investment manager that selects the best investment opportunities by analyzing global market movements and market sentiments.

Data Sharing Platform

The collective wisdom accumulated from the XAI Trading Platform community enables crafting of investment strategies that cater to personalized needs.

AI Tech Driven

XAI Trading Platform's business is driven by technogical innovation. At its core is a team of programmers with the vision of building the most intelligent trading system that consistently produces results.

Transparency and Trust

XAI Trading Platform operates at the highest level of integrity. All asset management data and reports are transparent and your private data will never be shared without your permission.

Automated Wealth Building

With artificial intelligence and most trading components managed by robots, XAI Trading Platform is an automated tool that creates a cycle of wealth building.

Digital Currency Expert

Born in the blockchain revolution, XAI Trading Platform's core experience and expertise are in digital currencies.

XAI Trading Platform MT5

MetaTrader 5 with AI Technology

Trade over 2,000 instruments globally with the power of big data and AI. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Trade over 2,000 instruments including Forex (Crypto & Fiat), CFDs on Stock Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Metals and Energies
  • AIT 3.0 fully integrated
  • Market depth of latest price quotes
  • Mobile friendly and supports all modern browsers