About XAI Trading Platform

XAI Trading Platform is a global professional financial technology service provider incorporated in the Ukraine. We see ourselves as one of the leaders of this revolution paving the future for digital wealth. Our research and development center is committed to bringing the top innovation of financial technology and bringing together the experts and the technical support in the industry to develop an advanced AI trading system.

XAI Trading Platform’s R&D department has devoted years of efforts in developing innovative technologies that integrate artificial intelligence and blockchain. Today, we have successfully developed the most complete Artificial Intelligence Trading system in the world – AIT.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to create the most advanced next generation AI trading system that takes trading to a new level of automation.


Gulshan Ibrahim
Chief Operating Officer
Haywood Tuener
Chief Technology Officer
Stiven Diarra
Chief Marketing Officer
Roman Bugrov
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Pacific
Nandan Raja
Regional Head
Asia Pacific