Machine Intelligence
that works for you.

XAI Trading Platform's homegrown intelligent asset management system is built on AI and blockchain technology.

AIT is a product of years of practical experience and advanced engineering by XAI Trading Platform's R&D team. Now in its third iteration, AIT 3.0 brings together blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and integrates them into the MT5 trading platform, creating an automated asset management advanced technology that generates you profit.

With its unique multi-user technology and the most advanced MT5 trading platform, this perfect integration enables monitoring of global trading markets 24 hours a day and automating of the trading of financial commodities.

Three Key Advantages

Multi Layered Strategy

Analyses big data using a complexed and multifaceted model as prescribed by data scientists to formulate trade strategy.

Intelligent Investment Manager

Your personal investment manager that selects the best investment opportunities by analyzing global market movements and market sentiments.

Data Sharing Platform

The collective wisdom accumulated from the XAI Trading Platform community enables crafting of investment strategies that cater to personalized needs.


Key Highlights